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A story to tell…

My Granddad, now 80 (odd) years old, tells us many stories about things that he’s done, usually about when he was in the army, but last week my Granddad told me a story that particularly sticks in my mind, and no doubt, by the end, you’ll realise why… so lets begin…

Later in his life my Granddad worked as an architect. In this story he was working in the Imperial College London.

His job at this time was to alter the biochemistry labs into rooms that could be used for any purpose. This involved removing things like the isolated rooms and equipment for experiments.

One day someone from another department comes to the labs, presumably to assess how the labs are developing. There is a fridge in the labs and he opens the door and looks inside….

What does he find?

The bubonic plague…

Part of me was wishing it went more like this…

But even still, this made for the best story I’ve ever heard my Granddad tell :D

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